Month: January 2020

Difference Between Aiding and Abetting and Being an Accessory

in Laws Aiding and abetting a crime and being an accessory to a crime are both criminal offenses that carry a criminal charge that often includes jail time. Both charges may bring the need for both a bail bondsman and a criminal defense attorney. While both crimes include assisting a person in committing a crime, there are… Read More

Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions: Crime Definitions

in Laws Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Criminal Law Definitions and What It Could Mean For You Introduction Today's discussion involves some of the most FAQs involving criminal defense and how it relates to individuals committing criminal acts. 1. What Is A Bail Bond? A bail bond is a type of bond (some form of cash or other… Read More

What Is Aggravated Mayhem in California Criminal Law?

in Laws California Penal Code 205 PC criminalizes intentionally causing a person permanent disability or disfigurement or depriving a person of a limb, organ or member of their body. This crime is known as aggravated mayhem. Aggravated mayhem penalties include a felony conviction that could include significant consequences. If you are charged with this offense, it is… Read More