Month: May 2019

California Parole Laws, Process & System

in Laws   Parole is an important part of any legal process that results in prison time. Individuals often have to meet a number of parameters beginning on their first week in prison. As a result, these individuals need to become familiar with parole laws in order to secure the shortest prison sentence possible. California Parole Process… Read More

California False Imprisonment Law

in Laws   False imprisonment is a charge with many facets and associated penalties. Individuals can be arrested for this crime and later commended for their actions once all the facts are released. The complexity of the charge means that anyone facing it must be familiar with its facets and the need to hire an experienced attorney… Read More

Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication

in Laws   Disorderly conduct is a charge that many individuals face as they are becoming mature and first interacting with alcohol. It is not the most serious charge in the state of California. Few individuals are sentenced to significant prison time for disorderly conduct or related public intoxication charges. However, individuals still need to know about… Read More

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run in California

in Legal Info   The penalties for hit and run in California can be serious. First and foremost, you most likely will be arrested, in which case you will need to contact a bail bondsman. This important professional in the criminal justice process will help you get out of custody and home so you can better deal with… Read More

Child Abuse Penalties and Sentencing

in Laws   The State of California makes certain acts of child abuse crime. Child abuse laws are set forth in Penal Code 273d PC, sometimes referred to as the corporal injury law, which criminalizes the imposition of a physical injury or cruel punishment on a child. If you are charged with child abuse, then you may… Read More