Month: April 2019

Petit Larceny and Grand Larceny: What Are The Differences?

in Legal Info Not all acts of theft are charged the same way in the state of California. Petty theft charges in California prosecute theft of someone's property or money and have a wide variety of guidelines and punishments to deter this theft. These laws include both smaller and larger forms of larceny. Knowing the difference between both… Read More

California Assault and Battery Laws

in Laws California assault law and California battery law are severe in practically every instance. They cover a wide array of crimes that could result in serious prison time. Individuals who are charged with these crimes need to become familiar with California law and with associated penalties. Familiarity with the law is the first step towards building… Read More

Miranda Rights When Arrested in California

in Legal Info Individuals arrested in the state of California often have to go through an arduous process. They have to go through the booking and potentially a period in jail. These individuals do not always consider the importance of hearing and receiving their Miranda Rights. Miranda Rights are some of the most fundamental in the entire criminal… Read More

A Brief Guide to Posting Bail in Sacramento California

in Bail Procedure Bail has been a central topic of conversation in the California legislature for several months. But those who are arrested in Sacramento still have to face the bail system. They have to undergo several steps after they are initially placed into handcuffs. Making the right decisions in the middle of this stressful booking and bail… Read More