Month: January 2019

Marijuana DUI in California

in Laws   Since January 1, 2018, marijuana became legal under California law. Despite its legal status, driving while under the influence of marijuana remains a crime like drunken driving. ... Read More

Bail Bonds Los Angeles – Process and Requirements

in Bail Bonds Thousands of individuals are arrested in the city of Los Angeles every year. These individuals sometimes languish in jail for months before their court dates. This process is detrimental to their mental health and the general strength of their defense. One particularly strong way that individuals can escape this process is by posting bail with… Read More

California Juvenile Laws and Rules

in Laws Individuals who are arrested as juveniles enter into a justice system that many of them are unfamiliar with. Media has turned the American correctional system into a monolith explicitly crafted for adults. But in fact, juveniles face an entirely different set of concerns and approaches in their justice system. The disparate ideas and theories behind… Read More

Jaywalking Laws in California

in Laws In California, jaywalking refers to a Traffic offense where a pedestrian crosses a street that has no marked crosswalk or intersection. This offense is illegal under the California Vehicle Code 21955. Unfortunately, many pedestrians have lost their lives due to getting hit by vehicles. If you or a family member are injured due to walking… Read More

What Does ‘Emancipated’ Mean?

in Laws The juvenile justice system is a complex one. It operates on different assumptions and ideas about the behavior of young offenders than the adult justice system does. This concept is one that an individual should consider before considering the process of emancipation. While juvenile emancipation wins juveniles a number of privileges in society, it also… Read More