Month: July 2018

List of Common Terminology for Bail Bonds

in Bail Bonds Understanding the process of bail is best done before that time when a person and their family are going through the stress associated with being arrested. After the arrest and processing by the police, the accused will have to face a judge. The judge will decide whether they will be granted bail and at what… Read More

Things Judges Consider When Setting Bail Amounts

in Bail Bond If you were accused of a crime, the judge may set a bail amount that you will have to pay before you can be released from jail. The bail payment will allow you to go home until your data arises, and you can sort out your innocence. Bail bond companies are open just to help… Read More

What Is a Statute of Limitations?

in Laws A statute of limitations definition can best be described as a legal time limit on filing court actions. In criminal court, the prosecutor's office must file formal criminal charges before the statute of limitations expires, or a conviction can never be obtained. For this reason, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors watch statutes of limitations very… Read More

New Laws in California 2018

in Laws California is an interesting political laboratory in the United States. At a time when many state legislatures are dominated by Republicans, California's staunchly Democratic government has passed a number of bills that reflect a strongly liberal ideology. ... Read More