Month: June 2018

Facts About California Bench Warrants

in Laws A California Bench Warrant, or body attachments, means simply that the warrant is issued by a Judge. The word "bench" refers to Judges who are bench warrant issuing authorities. There are many reasons for issuing bench warrants. ... Read More

Common Questions about Bail

in Bail Bonds What is bail? If you are arrested for a serious crime, the court will want to make sure that you will return for all proceedings. For those who can show to the court that they have substantial contacts within the community and are very unlikely to slip away, they may get released on what is… Read More

How to Clear a Bench Warrant in California

in Legal Info If you have a bench warrant in California, it means that you failed to either appear for, pay or present something important. Bench warrants & arrest warrants are slightly different in that bench warrants may not involve a crime. You may have missed a court date that required your presence. ... Read More