Month: December 2015

CA Inmate Realignment

in News A decision by the Supreme Court in 2011 has had a dramatic impact on the jail and prison system in California. Although posting bail helps free up more space in prisons and jails, it was ruled that the current prison system was overcrowded and far beyond capacity. It was determined that the overcrowding was violating the rights… Read More

The Reality of CA’s Prop 47

in News In November of 2014, the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act,” also known as Proposition 47 was passed with 60 percent of the vote in the state of California. This law was designed to downgrade property, as well as drug possession crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. ... Read More

Prison Overcrowding & Bail Bonds

in Prisons California Governor Jerry Brown, addressing a recent meeting of federal Ninth Circuit trial and appellate judges on prison litigation, argued that California law has "gone too far" in requiring determinate or fixed-term sentences in criminal cases and that inmate conduct should be a factor in the determination of how much jail time to serve. ... Read More

Inmate Debate Team

in Prisons When we think of prison these days, we think of gangs, rough times, violence, and the need for guards at every door. However, one prison in New York is changing the prison experience for the better for their inmates - and the evidence for it is astonishing. ... Read More

Tablet Computers for Inmates

in Jails A new movement has been spreading across jails located all around the country. The trend involves giving inmates access to tablet computers. The mobile devices can do most of what a regular laptop can do but are small enough to hold in the hand without effort. The tablets are intended to give inmates something to… Read More