Month: July 2015

What is Stalking?

in Laws With the vast changes in technology today, stalking laws and charges have become far more complex than in days of yore, and the variables that can constitute stalking can be somewhat confusing. However, some of the most stringent laws and penalties are on the books in California for such charges, so it is worthwhile to… Read More

Criminal Trespass In CA

in News In the state of California, criminal trespass is covered under California Penal Code 602 PC. There are a number of situations where a person could be charged with criminal trespass, and therefore need the help of a bondsman. ... Read More

CA “Animal Abuse & Cruelty” Laws

in Laws California has a "no nonsense" attitude about animal abuse and cruelty. You can't intentionally cause physical harm to a dog, and you also can't leave the animal in a park, for example. That's abandonment and that's punishable in California. ... Read More

CA Vandalism Law Penal Code 594 PC

in Laws, News Vandalism is one of those crimes that people often do not take seriously. Television shows and literature have ingrained images of bored, otherwise harmless, kids doing a little damage to the neighbors. Yet, as is the case with many laws here in California, average residents find themselves in jail, and in need of a bondsman… Read More