Why Choose Espinoza Bail Bonds?

When a family member or close friend goes to jail, the remaining loved ones will want to help with the bail bonds process. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a lot of experience with the process so it can be overwhelming, confusing and a touch frightening for all parties involved.  Espinoza Bail Bonds is here to…


Extortion & Blackmail

Under the 518 PC Penal Code, California’s crime of extortion (also referred to as blackmail) happens when an individual does any of the following: As a public official, they act under the color of their official right to compel another individual to give them money or other types of property Uses threats or force to…


What is embezzlement?

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In order for an act to be considered embezzlement under California law, three conditions must be met: 1- A person must misappropriate someone else’s property for his or her own benefit. 2- That person must have had the intention of depriving the owner of that property or of its use. 3- The misappropriated property must have been…


Petty Theft

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Theft and shoplifting are growing problems in California. Theft is broken up into two categories to determine what someone is going to be charged with. Petty theft is when the value of the property is up to $950; grand theft is anything over $950. If someone is caught shoplifting, the value of the items they…