Month: February 2015

Sutter County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Knowing how the Sutter County court and jail system work is a must when you have to post bail or spend any time behind bars. Many individuals in Sutter County who have been arrested won't even have to spend one minute behind bars before they're allowed to post bail. ... Read More

Honoring WW2 Veterans

in Veteran News Late January in 2015 marked an important celebration for World War II veterans. Although the bleakest parts of this world-changing war took place more than seventy years ago, those who fought for the Allied forces are still given a great deal of respect. Because of this, certain surviving soldiers were awarded a great honor in… Read More

Tulare County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Individuals recently arrested in Tulare County, California could be subject to the bail schedule published by the Tulare County Superior Court. Once an individual is charged with a crime, a person can refer to the bail schedule if officials deem them eligible to leave prison on bail until the beginning of an official trial. ... Read More

Disturbing the Public Peace

in Laws When asked, most individuals define the act of disturbing the public peace as an annoyance of having someone playing loud music or speaking very loud in public. Most state residents and tourists do not realize that in the state of California, Disturbing the Public Peace is a real crime taken seriously by law enforcement and… Read More