Month: January 2015

California Bribery Laws

in Laws Public employees and executive officers in California may try to take the easy way out of a situation with bribery. However, this is a decision that could cost one his or her own job, even jail time.  If one finds themselves in this situation, an experienced bail agent could be the answer to a quick… Read More

National Veterans Small Business Week

in News It’s one of the most important designations proposed in decades: President Barack Obama chose a week in November to call attention to small businesses launched by veterans who have returned home to grab their share of the American Dream. National Veterans Small Business Week (NVSBW) is more than just a week of commercial activity: It’s also a… Read More

Shasta County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule The Shasta County Bail Schedule makes it possible to know the set bail amounts for specific violations of the law. Not all offenses require a hearing before an individual can be released from jail. Bail is a payment that can be made to the court to arrange for a person's release from a penal institution… Read More

Sacramento County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Many people have never seen any part of the justice system firsthand. Their only experience with courts is what they see on TV. When arrested, one of the first things somebody needs to understand is how the bail process functions. Before trial, the accused can frequently remain free to work and prepare a defense until… Read More