Assault with a Deadly Weapon

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Under California Penal Code 240, an assault occurs when there is an unlawful attempt to commit great bodily injury to another person coupled with the ability to do so. An assault is an element in the offense of an assault with a deadly weapon (ADW). When we think of a deadly weapon, we think of…


Oroville Bail Schedule (Butte County)

While most Americans believe that the system is inherently fair, this is not always the case. The media routinely covers stories of people who were later found to have been wrongfully convicted. Justice is possible only for people who are able to build an effective defense, which is impossible while a person is in jail.


Military-Friendly Firms

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Those who serve the country sacrifice for the freedom of others.  After spending years in the military, veterans need real, concrete jobs and services, upon returning to civilian life. Veterans also require training to turn their military occupations into civilian employment. Veterans want, above all, the opportunity to remain assets to their communities.


Modesto Bail Schedule (Stanislaus County)

It is important for even the average, law-abiding citizen to possess at least a basic knowledge of the criminal justice system and the bail bonds process. Anyone, either falsely accused or ignorant of the law, could potentially be charged with a crime one day.


Possession with Intent to Sell Drugs

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California is one of a few states in the nation that allows people to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, it must be prescribed by a doctor and its use is still tightly controlled. You may face fines, jail time or both if you are caught possessing marijuana. You can be released from jail if someone…


Merced Bail Schedule

The Superior Court of Merced County implemented the Merced County Bail Schedule to assist in enhancing the administration of justice in that California jurisdiction. Specifically, the Merced County Bail Schedule is designed to permit the more equitable and efficient processing of bond applications when a person has been arrested in Merced County.


Possession of a Controlled Substance

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California has strict laws against possessing certain types of drugs. This charge is known as possession of a controlled substance. The charge can carry a lengthy prison sentence and large fines under certain circumstances. It will help to know how possession of a controlled substance is defined under the California penal code and what steps…


Marysville Bail Schedule (Yuba County)

The essential purpose of the Yuba County Bail Schedule is to provide an arrested and detained person, his or her family members and a bail bonds service with uniform information about bail amounts. The Yuba County Bail Schedule is established by the Superior Court and is reviewed from time to time.


Drug Trafficking – CA Penal Code

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When thinking about serious crimes, one will often think of murder or assault. However, at least in California and most other states, one will want to avoid drug trafficking charges as they are serious. With that being said, when facing these charges, one will want to mount a defense, get bail, and do what they can…