Month: November 2014

Fresno County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule Regardless of what walk of life one is pursuing, it is important for all American citizens to understand what a bail schedule is, what it means for criminals, and what impact it may have on the life of someone else who is attempting to post bail for a friend or family member. ... Read More

Solano County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule The Solano County Bail Schedule was created by the superior court judges. The Solano County Bail Schedule is reviewed and revised annually. The Solano County Bail Schedule provides specific, detailed information about the amount of bonds associated with different types of criminal charges brought in Solano County. As a side note, because the bond schedule… Read More

Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance

in Laws When arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, one should form a defense and get their life in order. Otherwise, when doing the opposite, it's hard to live a happy and clean life. With this in mind, here are four steps to take when arrested for being under the influence of a… Read More

Personal Possession of Marijuana

in Laws Personal possession of marijuana is a serious charge that can lead to fines and jail time (thus, resulting in bail). It is different from possessing marijuana for sales and cultivating marijuana under the California Health and Safety code. It is important to know the legal consequences of being charged with personal possession of marijuana. ... Read More

Rehabilitation Centers in California

in News The criminal justice system in today's society may sound simple enough, but many people do not fully understand what an individual involved in this process goes through. For starters, when a person is arrested and spends time in jail, there is much more that goes into this than staying captive in a cell. After bail,… Read More

Celebrating Those Who Served: Veterans Day

in News Veterans Day is celebrated in the United States in November of each year. The holiday is designed to honor the amazing sacrifices made by men and women who have served the United States in the armed forces. In the final analysis, not only do veterans make generous contributions to the nation while in the armed… Read More

Placer County Bail Schedule

in Bail Schedule A bail schedule's purpose is establishing standard amounts, depending upon the offense, for which those arrested may be released from jail pending future court appearances. The actual amount will depend upon the judge's discretion after considering the facts of the case, the person's criminal history and arguments from both sides. ... Read More

Bail Best For Pretrial Release

in News The bail bonds process clocks in when someone is arrested. When people are arraigned, the judges get to set bail for those people. These bail numbers are often handled by a bail bonds company. The commercial numbers involved in a bail are meant to keep people around until their trial, and the bail bond process… Read More